Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire
Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire

Town Offices Projects

Town Hall - Staff Photo
The existing Town Office building is only usable on the first floor. The second floor was never utilized for town offices and needs structural work to utilize the space. Accessibility to meet current codes is also an issue. 








Early Town Hall - File PhotoEarly Town Hall - File Photo





Donna Hepp, a volunteer in the community, has received the go-ahead to form a committee that would get voters behind a plan to address town government office space needs. 
Belmont tries again to plan for office space  Daily Sun 6/7/17

See more at Belmont Town Buildings and Facilities Committee

2013 - 2017 Town Offices-Belmont Mill

03/08/2013 Town Hall Existing Layout  03/14/2014 PortOne Analysis  12/01/2014 PortOne Design 
01/01/2015 Town Hall Option 01/20/2015 Mill Renovation Proposal  01/01/2016 Mill vs Town Hall 
06/07/2016 Town Hall Security System 02/09/2017 Deliberative Session Clarifies intent of Mill-related warrant articles 01/15/2015 Town Hall Layout 

2010 Charrette

The 2010 Plan NH Charrette discussed the status of the existing Town Offices and the proposal to move the Gale School into the Village Center for use as Town Offices.


The Charette proposal begins by moving the Gale School to the site south of the library to become the new Town Offices.

Also see Gale School webpage.

2003 - 2007

New Town Office/Police Department Building and Community Center Proposal


08/07/2003 Study Committee Agenda  09/09/2003 Proposal to acquire property  01/22/2004 Study Committee Update 
03/02/2004 Study Committee Memo  03/02/2004 Town Administrator's Memo  05/13/2004 Selectmen's Memo 
05/17/2004 Study Committee Memo  06/10/2004 Study Committee Minutes 06/10/2004 Study Committee Staff Notes 
06/14/2004 Study Committee Report  06/23/2004 Selectmen's Minutes  08/19/2004 ADA Letter re:Town Hall 
09/21/2005 Memo to Greiner Halle 09/23/2005 Belmont moves to build new town hall  11/14/2005 Selectmen's Minutes 
11/14/2005 Staff notes  12/06/2005 Budget Committee Minutes  12/13/2005 Preliminary Cost Estimates 
02/01/2006 Existing Town Hall Layout  04/03/2006 Selectmen's Minutes  04/21/2006 Town hall committee says new building is needed
04/27/2006 Town Hall Space Needs 07/16/2007 Selectmen's Minutes   

2002 - 2004

New Town Office Building Proposal

06/20/2002 Town Administrator's Memo 06/26/2002 Study for new Town Hall approved 09/10/2002 Greiner Halle Proposal 
09/23/2002 Belmont awaits preliminary designs for new town hall 12/18/2002 Selectmen's Minutes  12/18/2002 Belmont eyes new town hall 
12/19/2002 Belmont town hall proposal unveiled  01/03/2003 The Belmont Mill is at the heart of this village  01/09/2003 Belmont drafts two Town Hall warrant articles 
01/14/2003 Belmont budget panel to hear proposal for new town hall  01/15/2003 Belmont Budget Committee won't endorse new town hall  01/16/2003 Committee rejects warrant article 
01/22/2003 Alternate Proposal if New Town Hall is not approved  01/22/2003 Town Hall Proposal  01/22/2003 Hearing tonight on $2.3 million Belmont Town Hall plan 
01/23/2003 Belmont scraps Town Hall plans  04/01/2003 Study Committee Minutes  04/01/2003 Town Hall Alternate renovations 
04/14/2003 Selectmen's Minutes  05/01/2003 Study Committee Minutes  05/01/2003 Study Committee Next Steps
05/22/2003 Study Committee Minutes  07/10/2003 Study Committee Minutes  07/15/2003 Selectmen's Minutes 
07/22/2003 Belmont shelves building plan  04/07/2004 Vollmer Town Hall Roof Report   

1988 - 1997 Town Offices

12/21/1988 Dennis Mires Proposal  05/08/1996 Town Hall Renovations  02/19/1997 Town Hall Renovations Building Permit 
06/12/1997 Town Hall Existing Layout